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Keeping web standards homogenous is very important

Even though it’s been four years since he addressed the 15th International World Wide Web Conference, Professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s comments on the importance of web standards and using Web 2.0 technologies to improve the accessibility of websites are still every bit as valid as they were in 2006.

While he’s not necessarily in favor of regulations being forced upon webmasters, he (as I do and many others in the field) sees the benefits of a homogenous set of web standards being a boon to everyone who uses the World Wide Web, especially as it pertains to accessibility.

Of course, increasingly accessible websites make the web available to a wider audience, which is a good thing for everyone; webmasters and web users alike.

Berners-Lee has been a proponent of web standards for accessibility in website design for over a decade now and has pointed to the emergence of Web 2.0 platforms as a way for website owners to more easily implement features which make their sites accessible to a greater number of users.

As webmasters become more aware of the benefits of accessible website design; to wit, a larger number of potential visitors (which is to say, customers, at least for commercially oriented sites) as well as improved performance in the search engines – which of course also leads to more traffic and more business.

While it may take a little while for web accessibility standards to become truly homogenous in the sense that everyone starts following the same set of guidelines (preferably those laid out by the W3C), the advantages of adopting accessible standards are obvious enough that every webmaster should begin implementing these measures if they haven’t already.

For a more detailed synopsis of Berners-Lee’s remarks at the 2006 World Wide Web Conference, you can click on over to

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