May 26 2006

Keeping web standards homogenous is very important

Tag: Accessibility,Web StandardsJohn Britsios @ 03:42

Even though it’s been four years since he addressed the 15th International World Wide Web Conference, Professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s comments on the importance of web standards and using Web 2.0 technologies to improve the accessibility of websites are still every bit as valid as they were in 2006.

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May 23 2006

Skip to Main Content Links are Important

Tag: Accessibility,UsabilityJohn Britsios @ 04:00

Unless you use a text only browser or a screen reader, you may never have seen a skip to main content link before; but even if you or most of your site’s visitors, for that matter never see them, they’re essential to the accessibility of your site.

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May 16 2006

Why does my web site need to be handicapped accessible?

Tag: AccessibilityJohn Britsios @ 00:36

Is your website handicapped accessible? Do you even know what makes for an accessible website? If not, keep reading – we’re going to cover why you need to perform accessibility testing on your site and why being accessible to as many people as possible is important.

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Feb 16 2006

Ten Steps To A More Accessible Website

Tag: Accessibility,SEO (Search Engine Optimization)John Britsios @ 11:57

Web accessibility is increasingly important; the trend is towards mandating accessibility standards for websites – and just as notable for webmasters, an accessible web site is more search engine-friendly as well as being able to attract a wider range of visitors.

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