Feb 15

Are you a Designer or a Developer?

Tag: Web Development,Web StandardsJohn Britsios @ 21:46

While many in the website industry thrive on multi-tasking, there are some worker bees out there that are very task-specific. So how would you know what task you are performing: designer or developer?

First, let’s take a basic look at the definitions of each description. Developing something expounds upon a basic idea while designing something creates from scratch and doesn’t need another idea to jump off from.

Designers are the anal people that look at a website, tear it apart from point A to point B looking for misspellings, incorrect fonts, colors that don’t match the way they think they should, blown out pixels and the spacing between the letters and words to be just right.

The creative aren’t as logical as the techy developers. After all, do colors really speak? Of course not! The code has to be perfect otherwise the site just doesn’t work. You may start logically at point A and end up next at point D if the code isn’t there.

A symbiotic relationship is begat from the knowledge of the designer that the developer can make a site jump and pop even though the design may have been lacking. As you can see: designing and developing are definitely coexistent. One cannot happen without the other.

To relieve some of this friction, I suggest that web developers take a look at Dan Saffer’s article, Everything You Wanted to Know About Designers, on the Vitamin web site.

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