Feb 16

Advanced Online Search Engine Optimization Tool

Tag: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)John Britsios @ 11:59

SheerSEO describes itself as a “search engine optimization tool to perfectly track, monitor and analyze your SEO campaign.” This is some seriously good online SEO software.

At SheerSEO’s home website page, you can even use a virtual fish-eye lens to view the various software programs that they offer you. Very cool!

SheerSEO Outstanding Features

This is an online SEO software that can benefit you whether you are an SEO writer or a webmaster.

Among the more outstanding features are:

  • SERPs tracking software for Yahoo, Microsoft’s Bing, and Google;
  • graphic histories for all tracked information;
  • the ability to perform index analyses by search engines;
  • analyses of main back-links;
  • the ability to “guard” your most highly prized back-links (which includes an “alarm system” that instantly tells you if they are getting dropped or modified);
  • and the ability to monitor your status on the social networks like Facebook.

How Can SheerSEO Help You?

How does SheerSEO’s online SEO software benefit the webmaster? Well, it lets you bring together all of your SEO information to one location for one thing.

From your SERPs to your on page analysis and all points in between, you’ll be highly organized now.

The SEO process for optimizing you website is automated–always a blessing. And you can even observe your SEO effectiveness from any platform–that includes your Mac and even your cell phone!

These are just some of the best ways for a webmaster to use this unique SEO tool.

For the SEO pro, you can use it to demonstrate to your clients how your efforts affected their page rankings to prove your value to them in both offline and online reports.

The SEO reporting process is automated, too. You can even give your clients Internet data access, and more!

You can really operate your SEO projects like a seasoned professional with this SEO software!

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