Feb 16 2010

Web Accessibility To Be Mandatory In Europe?

Tag: AccessibilityJohn Britsios @ 11:55

The European Union initiative on web accessibility is a project which has been in the works for some time now and while the goals of the EU e-inclusion campaign have not yet been met.

Things have already started to change and before long, accessibly web design will simply be a fact of life in the EU and with other nations already beginning to follow suit, it’s clear that now is the time to make sure your website is accessible.

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Feb 16 2010

Is Your Site Spamming The Search Engines?

Tag: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)John Britsios @ 11:54

There are a lot of webmasters out there who aren’t doing themselves any favors with their search engine optimization efforts; or if they aren’t doing their SEO work themselves, they seriously need to switch SEO firms not next week, but now.

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Feb 16 2010

Optimizing for Image Search With Alt Attributes

SEO doesn’t begin and end with the text on your web pages. If your website has images, these should also be optimized in order to help with your overall page rank as to help your site appear in image searches, which are an increasingly popular application – and image search optimization is becoming a very important part of optimizing your site.

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Feb 16 2010

Supplemental Index and Bot Herding

Tag: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)John Britsios @ 11:47

To be in Google’s main index, your pages need to have a certain undefined amount of juice (Pagerank), independent of other factors being involved.

Google uses PageRank values to set crawling priorities and to determine if a document should go into their main or supplemental index.

Before you start building links you can control the flow of  PageRank to boost your most important pages and keep them out of the Supplemental Index. With this technique you can save time and money!

Feb 16 2010

Local Search Optimization Tips

Tag: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)John Britsios @ 11:45

Think about it -when you want to find something and find something fast you are usually in the general neighborhood of the type of company you seek.

Local search is the primary tool for individuals and companies to find vendors and venues in the immediate area so that they don’t need to traipse all over town to find one little item.

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Feb 16 2010

DIRJournal Web Directory

Tag: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)John Britsios @ 11:40

Everyone who has a website and especially online business owners knows just how important search engine optimization is; more to the point, they know how important having your website appear as high as possible in search engine results for relevant keywords is to the success of their business.

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Feb 15 2010

Do it yourself SEO – Where do I begin?

Tag: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)John Britsios @ 21:51

Even the term SEO seems more mysterious than easy to understand.

Search Engine Optimization doesn’t sound much better and is certainly a little scary at first, but once you see how it works, you will realize just how easy it is to set your site up for SEO on your own.

DIY SEO should first lead you through internal navigation that includes making sure that one page leads to another, the ideas are contingent throughout the site and it’s easily accessible.

That last part means you want your site to remain user friendly for any level user that might come by for a visit. Using CSS or Standard Text for platform is best for all.

DIY SEO will lead you further to make an eye-popping, remembered site so that you stand out from your competition. This doesn’t mean tons on graphics on one page lasting forever. It does mean concise and clear market messages, however.

Avoid duplicating text, language that’s too hard to understand and fonts or colors that are hard to read. DIY SEO should give you the opportunity to be readable and friendly. Tracking, financing and site history are all important factors as well.

With DIY SEO you can save money while setting all of these tools up on your own. Use your keywords wisely, state your mission clearly, place your information wisely and you are sure to succeed!

Feb 15 2010

Are you a Designer or a Developer?

Tag: Web Development,Web StandardsJohn Britsios @ 21:46

While many in the website industry thrive on multi-tasking, there are some worker bees out there that are very task-specific. So how would you know what task you are performing: designer or developer?
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Feb 15 2010

Best Free Online SEO Analyzer

Tag: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)John Britsios @ 11:49

Have you ever wondered why that really sleek looking website, that you thought had all the perfect information on it to rake in tons of traffic doesn’t rank anywhere near well on the search engine results pages? It may be the search engine optimization isn’t very optimized at all.

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Feb 15 2010

Web Standards Switch or how to improve your Web site easily

Tag: Web StandardsJohn Britsios @ 03:32

Let’s start with what you do already know: web standards are important and making sure that your website complies with these standards can do wonders for your site and your business.
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