Feb 04 2012

Why Are RDFa Rich Snippets & Structured Data Important?

Tag: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)John Britsios @ 13:34

RDFa rich snippets and other forms of structured data allow search engines to produce higher quality results. This article provides an overview of the business applications of these types of semantic markups.

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Jun 09 2010

Increase Your Business With Local Search Traffic

Tag: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)John Britsios @ 17:05

Local marketing is a big key to the success of many businesses.

There are many techniques that can be used to achieve positive results from local marketing, but one thing that some business owners often overlook is the concept of local search marketing.

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Apr 16 2010

Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Tag: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)John Britsios @ 01:01

Any company that doses business online needs to know about Internet marketing.

The world wide web has taken the way people do business to a higher level. With such tools like Internet search engine optimization and linking programs success is just a couple of mouse clicks away.

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Feb 16 2010

Advanced Online Search Engine Optimization Tool

Tag: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)John Britsios @ 11:59

SheerSEO describes itself as a “search engine optimization tool to perfectly track, monitor and analyze your SEO campaign.” This is some seriously good online SEO software.

At SheerSEO’s home website page, you can even use a virtual fish-eye lens to view the various software programs that they offer you. Very cool!

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Feb 16 2010

SEO Workers Spell Checker Tool

There are a lot of different reasons to use a web site spell check tool on all of your web content.

Proper spelling isn’t everyone’s forte, but it makes a big difference to visitors – people tend to be a lot better at spotting spelling errors than they are at actually spelling; your readers will notice if your site is riddled with misspelled words.

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Feb 16 2010

Is Your Site Spamming The Search Engines?

Tag: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)John Britsios @ 11:54

There are a lot of webmasters out there who aren’t doing themselves any favors with their search engine optimization efforts; or if they aren’t doing their SEO work themselves, they seriously need to switch SEO firms not next week, but now.

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Feb 16 2010

Optimizing for Image Search With Alt Attributes

SEO doesn’t begin and end with the text on your web pages. If your website has images, these should also be optimized in order to help with your overall page rank as to help your site appear in image searches, which are an increasingly popular application – and image search optimization is becoming a very important part of optimizing your site.

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Feb 16 2010

Supplemental Index and Bot Herding

Tag: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)John Britsios @ 11:47

To be in Google’s main index, your pages need to have a certain undefined amount of juice (Pagerank), independent of other factors being involved.

Google uses PageRank values to set crawling priorities and to determine if a document should go into their main or supplemental index.

Before you start building links you can control the flow of  PageRank to boost your most important pages and keep them out of the Supplemental Index. With this technique you can save time and money!

Feb 16 2010

Local Search Optimization Tips

Tag: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)John Britsios @ 11:45

Think about it -when you want to find something and find something fast you are usually in the general neighborhood of the type of company you seek.

Local search is the primary tool for individuals and companies to find vendors and venues in the immediate area so that they don’t need to traipse all over town to find one little item.

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Feb 16 2010

DIRJournal Web Directory

Tag: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)John Britsios @ 11:40

Everyone who has a website and especially online business owners knows just how important search engine optimization is; more to the point, they know how important having your website appear as high as possible in search engine results for relevant keywords is to the success of their business.

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