May 23

Skip to Main Content Links are Important

Tag: Accessibility,UsabilityJohn Britsios @ 04:00

Unless you use a text only browser or a screen reader, you may never have seen a skip to main content link before; but even if you or most of your site’s visitors, for that matter never see them, they’re essential to the accessibility of your site.

These skip to main content links are typically placed at the very top of a page (or better yet, every page) on a website in order to allow visitors to quickly navigate to your site’s main content page.

This link appears before any images, any style elements or any other content on your page, which can save visually impaired visitors and people using browsers on cell phones and other mobile devices a great deal of time and trouble.

Clearly, adding skip to main content links on your web pages is a good idea – people using non-traditional browsers will be much more likely to stick around on your site when you make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for. Like all elements of your site which add to its accessibility, it’s also good SEO.

An accessible site is one which is better received by human visitors as well as search engines, so make things easy for your visitors and you’ll soon start seeing the benefits.

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