May 23 2012

6 Steps to Effective Responsive Web Design

Tag: Usability,Web DevelopmentJohn Britsios @ 03:29

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is the more sensible solution, when compared to its predecessor, and has displaced graceful degradation as the preferred design methodology for serving usable web pages to various size displays. Continue reading “6 Steps to Effective Responsive Web Design” »

Apr 13 2010

The Workings Of An Ecommerce Site

Tag: Ecommerce,Web DevelopmentJohn Britsios @ 06:59

There are many different ways to set up an ecommerce site or internet business. Most companies will have some sort of website for online business even if they have a physical retail store of business.

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Feb 15 2010

Are you a Designer or a Developer?

Tag: Web Development,Web StandardsJohn Britsios @ 21:46

While many in the website industry thrive on multi-tasking, there are some worker bees out there that are very task-specific. So how would you know what task you are performing: designer or developer?
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