Dec 22

Why Spell Check is Important for Your Web Site

Are you a webmaster or SEO copywriter who does not take the time to spell check his written content? If you are, you are doing yourself–and/or your clients–great harm. Let’s face it: there is absolutely no excuse to fail to spell check your content.

There are those who would argue that “polished” writing doesn’t matter all that much. As long as they have those keyword phrases in there at strategic points along the text, and as long as it did not take them too much time to write out, that’s what matters. What nonsense!

First of all, for several years now the search engines’ web crawlers have been looking out more and more for proper spelling and proper grammar. As these web crawlers become more sophisticated, they become more adept at weeding out those websites that are sloppy.

So, if you have been writing in haste, just making waste, and you have been ignoring the need for spell checking, you can expect to pay the price for you failure to adhere to quality writing.

But this leads us to our second and more important point. You are not writing content just to get people to your website. You are writing it to show off an impression about you or your business. You want to come off as polished, professional, and intelligent. You want to provide value to the very real human beings who are reading at your site or who are reading your article or blog post.

It’s a very simple question to ask yourself, really: If you don’t bother to spell check your written content, making sure it is as polished as shiny business shoes, then why should anyone trust you enough to do business with you? Be smart, or be left behind.

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